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Tree surgeons in Leighton Buzzard

We undertake all types of tree work such as crown lists or reductions, rehaping, dead wooding or cutting back overhanging branches from a neighbouring area. We are happy to liase with central bedfordshire council and perform checks to ensure the trees are not subject to tree preservation orders (TPOs) or fall within a conservation area. If they do we can fill in any paperwork to begin an application on acceptance of the free quote for the work required.

We are qualified professionals trained to provide tree services ranging from reducing the tree’s crown right through to the removal of an entire tree. A tree surgeon’s work can be very dangerous and should not be attempted by anyone who is untrained. Much work is at height and involves handling heavy branches which if removed the wrong way could prove incredibly hazardous. If you need a tree surgeon Original Tree Services recommend you opt for someone who is suitably qualified, experienced and insured.

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Leylandii Reduction

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